Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hotels, Luggage and Scales

I wonder why hotels never have scales.
With low cost airlines charging insane amounts for extra weight, customers *must* check their luggage weight nowadays! Better check before it's too late, so why not at the hotel?

This IS about User Experience.
And as many other things that improve UX, it does not cost much and adds a looot.

So c'mon guys, go and grab some!
You don't need many, just a few ones for those who ask. ;)

credits: Scale-A-Week: 1 August 2009 by puuikibeach


  1. This gauges doesn't have a mirror... and this is bad! the measure is not precise!

  2. ahahah
    you really *are* an engineer, my friend. :D

    I think there's no need for a super precise measure in this sort of scales - 0.5kg more or less does not matter that much anyway.. :)