UX Conferences

Last update: 02/03/2014

I have been collecting a list of conferences about UX for my company lately and I think they could come in handy to some of you too. So here you go. :)

Some notes first:
  • some conferences are for practitioners, others are more introductory to the field - be sure to check out what suits your needs;
  • when conferences have more than one date/place, I selected the closest to Italy (yet I added a note every time I did, so you can check the official website for other locations).

Worldwide events 2014

Interaction 2014
February 5-8
Amsterdam The Netherlands

World IA day
February 15
Milan, Italy (& other 23 locations worldwide)

Usability week (NN group) - San Diego
February 24-27
San Diego, USA

SXSW - Interactive
March 7-11
Austin, USA

Usability week (NN group) - New York
March 9-14
New York, USA

MX (Managing Experience)
March 16-17
San Francisco, USA

IA summit
March 26-30
San Diego, USA

Usability week (NN group) - Amsterdam
March 31 - April 4
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 3-4
New York, USA

May 7-9
Portland, USA

UX Intensive week
May 13-16
Dublin, Ireland

UX London

May 20-30
London, UK

UX Mobile Immersion
April 7-9
Denver, USA

Lean UX
April 10-12
New York, USA

Usability week (NN group) - Atlanta
April 28 - May 2
Atlanta, USA

Artifact Conference
May 5-7
Austin, USA

Usability week (NN group) - Chicago
May 11-16
Chicago, USA

June 4-6
Lisbon, Portugal

June 19-21
Barcelona, Spain

UX Cambridge
September 4-6
Cambridge, UK

UX week
September 9-12
San Francisco, USA

September 25-26
Chicago, USA

Artifact Conference
September 29 - October 1
Providence, USA

Good Experience Live
Fall 2014 (dates TBD)
New York, USA

Italian Events

Frontiers of interaction
Mid-summer (date TBD)
Italy (location TBD)

UX conference
Autumn (date TBD)

For a more thorough view on events all over the world, have a look at Lanyrd's list of UX events

Last update: 02/03/2014