Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A way to build trust: legalese made simple by design.

Terms&conditions and privacy policies are meant to be accepted, not read.
This is a widely spread feeling: companies want us to accept them to protect themselves, but make them hard to comprehend and time consuming so that we don't care and give our acceptance based on good faith.

Yet, as far as I can say, conditions acceptance is more than ever a starting point for our lack of trust in humanity. "Why make them so hard to read if they are something I must know?" most of us think, and we all tick the checkbox with a feeling lingering in the back of ours head that if time gets tough our interests won't be safeguarded.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a great example of how good design can be really useful to every party in building trust and a deeper relationship: 500px did in fact a great job in making their T&C and privacy policies user friendly. :)

Here they are:

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