Saturday, 2 November 2013

UX Masterclass in Rome *my* summary

Last month I attended the UX Masterclass in Rome. Many useful information have been shared and suggestions on how to do our job better.
All in all a very nice conference, despite the "remote location" in Rome.

Beside being a pretty nice event on User Experience, this was also another great occasion to practice with my sketch notes.

So here's the visual summary of *my* UX Masterclass - meaning the sessions I attended that day:

"Life in the fast lane" by Ashley Benigno - Nokia

"UX Strategy" by Giuseppe Montella - Vodafone

"Visualizing the customer user experience using an experience journey map"
by Marcio Leibovitch - Yu Centrik

"Applying User Centered Design in large organizations" roundtable
with Luca Petroni, Robert Schumacher, Gavin Lew, Frederic Gaillard,
Thomas Visby Snitker, Helga Letowt-Vorbek

"Service Design and UX: Measuring and Improving the Overall User Experience"
by Robert Schumacher - Gfk User Centric

"Integrating UX in Product Strategy" by Simon Herd - Serco ExperienceLab
"Impactful Experiences starting with non-users" by Franco Papeschi - Web 

"Ambient experience" by Job Rutgers - Ontario College of Art & Design
"The apple design project" by Antonio Rizzo - Universit√† di Siena

"UX and ROI: the impact of UX on the business" by Frederic Gaillard - Axance

Unfortunately I had to run for the plane and couldn't be there to see all the "UX around the world in 60 minutes" talk. I regret it, because it was a lot of fun - every speaker bringing up funny facts about his country :D

So well done Assist!
See you next year? :)

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