Friday, 7 February 2014

The best way I found to make a quick & perfect "soffritto"

For years I've been struggling with cutting onions in "soffritto" size when cooking. But then, one day, with no reason, I found the perfect solution for the problem and I stuck with it ever since.
So I thought it could come in handy to someone else too :)

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut an onion in half
  2. Cut off the top part and peel off the harder layers - do not cut off the hairy bottom part
  3. Make some radial cut into the onion paying attention not to cut all through the bottom part
  4. You'll get a bunch of onion wedges attached to the bottom
  5. Now hold the onion together and start slicing it
  6. A perfect soffritto will come out!
  7. *bonus tip* remember to put a spoon of water in the pan with the oil, to avoid burning the onions ;)
"Why is it on this blog?" "Is this even linked with design at all?" some of you may ask.
Well, it's a trick that removes lot of frustration (and tears) from the process & makes me save time. If this ain't about user experience I wouldn't know how to call it. :P

Do you have cooking tricks like this one you'd like to share? :)

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