Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Munich toilet flush

I have been in Munich on business recently.
In the airport I hit on this worth noticing toilet flush!

Though it looks as a normal toilet flush, it works this way (as the writing says): you push the button once and it starts flushing, you push it a second time and the water stops.

I find it really clever for many reasons:
  • it uses a common interface in a different clever way - users already know how button toilet flushes work and if they do not care to read, the device works all the same;
  • it puts the instructions in a place where they will surely be noticed: rarely there are writings on toilet flushes xD;
  • it conveys the message (the device functioning) in a simple, cross-language, "visual" way;
  • it strengthen the message of "water saving" through the use of the drop;
  • it empowers the user - now he is in control of the amount of water to use, so he should use only what's needed.
Great great example of essential design.

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