Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Parking tickets in Ireland

We’ve been in Ireland in the summer. Having to park there gave us a couple of unexpected surprises.

The reminder
Useful to the public

Any parking ticket we got in Ireland brought with it a reminder, a detachable part of the ticket (the one on the right) to remind the purchaser of the time he paid up to.
You wouldn’t have to remember anything – or fear to forget.

The prepaid voucher
Useful to the police

We had to park in Cork. In that area you need either a prepaid voucher (similar to the “Gratta e Sosta” you find in Milan) or you can pay by phone.
We found a shop, bought a voucher and started scratching and what a nice surprise: every cell was of a different colour! This way a different pattern was created everyday (and at every time), making it easier for a policeman to check the tickets.

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