Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas UX & branding

Merry Christmas!

I like Christmas, because in this busy and fast world it is that day that requires you to take a break and think of the perfect gift for the ones you love. In this roller coaster Christmas still holds as one of the few safe spots.

I like also wrapping gifts - as I do with most of the manual labour -, but this year I really focussed on it in order to create a UX consistent across all my gifts: I printed out a bunch of stickers in various sizes and layouts and used them to identify my presents. I have to say that I'm happy with the result: my "brand" stood out loud and clear among all other gifts, even when the wrapping was different. :D

Do you agree?

Note for the next year: thinking back on it, I should have included a space for the name of the recipient to avoid ungracious handwriting over the sticker. 

PS: The tree was a free vector and it can be found here

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