Sunday, 16 December 2012

Never warp your brain with timezone math again

Have you ever tried to convert time among time zones?
It's a most difficult thing, at least for me: I cannot remember which abbreviation stands for what (and  even which is the one for my local time - d'oh!).

So each and every time is a pain:
- first look up for time zones;
- then check which one I'm in (and no I don't travel often out of my zone..);
- then check if the abbreviation they gave me is right (so many ways to spell the same zone! grr);
- then ask Google for conversion.

I'm happy to say that I eventually found a solution! - well, actually I stumbled into one :P
So I'm glad to present you with: Every Time Zone.

This website is well crafted in many ways and I love all of them. Just have a look and you'll notice by yourself what I mean (be sure to move all the way to the left with the time ;) ).

The only detail I'd suggest Amy & Thomas to add is the possibility to search for a specific city name not in the list -  more often than not I'm not sure where a city is - & then highlight the time zone it belongs to. That would be most helpful. :)

All in all thumbs up!

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