Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Caring to the very detail

I am an Amazon buyer. A happy one.
It's not for the website. It's not for the price. It's for the overall experience of the service.

Amazon does not have the best e-commerce, though they are immensely great in taking care of their customers from purchase to delivery.
Their power comes from the loyalty of people being treated fairly.

I have just received the Kindle I purchased one and a half months ago.
I knew it wouldn't come in time for Xmas, Amazon has always been staight about that.
In fact it was supposed to arrive in the beginning of February but I have been lucky and they could anticipate the delivery. Of course I knew it, thanks to Amazon emails.

As soon as I opened the big box, I was amazed at how Amazon pays attention to the very detail in the story being told. Nothing was out of place. The small recycled paperbox, the minimalistic black top to highlight the brand...

What amazed me the most, though, are two details:

the "certified frustration-free packaging" badge
Once again part of the big customer care plan: who does not get frustrated in front of heavy stuck boxes to be opened? who has never hurt himself with those sharp paperboxes? Amazon solves all your problems by offering you a single simple handle to pull in order to open the box quickly and safely. This handle is immediately visible at its bottom when the box is in the right orientation.
There is no operative purpose in the badge. It is only there to remind the users that Amazon cares about them so much that wants to avoid them any discomfort, even the one coming from opening a standard box.

the bar code
Nothing to do with customer satisfaction, the kindle-logo-shaped bar code builds up on the brand perception in a very subtle way.

I'm a geek, I know, but these details made my day! :D
Here's an image with both of them:

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