Monday, 25 April 2011

Supporting choice - FAILED

In the hallway of the cinema I went to yesterday, I found this weird snack dispenser standing among others:

The dispenser offers different varieties M&Ms: brown, blue and yellow.

I am a big fan of M&Ms, yet not such a fun to have any idea of what each color stands for and I suppose there's plenty of people like me out there.

An explanatory label on each tag would be an easier and straightforward way to let people know what they're paying for. And to wipe out that little discomfort in the back of their head..


  1. I expected that anyone knowing their brand know that, but yes, I'd have designed this with some text or clue this one.
    They probably think their brand is much stronger than it is. :)

    (yellow=peanut, brown=chocolate, blue=pralinatedwhatever). :P

  2. Yep!

    Thank you for the hints, now I know :)
    (never got the meaning of the blue ones :P)