Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fitting rooms & curtain chinks

Have you ever experienced entering a fitting room and having a hard time trying to close the curtain properly?
I had. And I can tell it’s almost impossible: no matter how hard you try, there will always be on one side a not so small chink you have to live with.


Yesterday I got inside a store and found a subtle and clever solution to the problem: press-studs on both sides to keep the curtain closed.

It works, though this solution comes with a cost: many of the curtains were broken, because people forgot the press-stud.

There should be an alternative...

Weaker press-studs?
Maybe, yet not a solution

Hooks and rings?
Oh well... if the ring is cut inside the curtain an reinforced and if the hook in the wall is strong enough to hold a pull, then it might work...

They might in fact be a better compromise: they would break less easily and they would still serve the purpose. They would also be harder to notice, though.
Yet I'm sure there might be a way to highlight them, maybe even a funny one. :)
Any idea?

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